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Poly[[triaqua[μ4-N-(4-carboxylatophenyl)iminodiacetato]sodium(I)zinc(II)] dihydrate]

DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808036441

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In the title coordination polymer, {[NaZn(C11H8NO6)(H2O)3]·2H2O}n, the Zn atom is coordinated in a distorted tetrahedral environment by three carboxylate O atoms from two (4-carboxylatophenylimino)diacetate ligands and one water molecule; the Na atom is in an distorted octahedral coordination environment formed by four carboxylate O atoms from three (4-carboxylatophenylimino)diacetate ligands and two water molecules. The Zn atoms and Na atoms are linked by (4-carboxylatophenylimino)diacetate ligands into a three-dimensional framework; the uncoordinated water molecules fill the voids of the skeleton and stabilize it by O—H...O hydrogen bonds.


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