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Statistical study and review of prostatic latent carcinoma

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The autopsies, which have been performed within the last 50 years, have revealed that real prevalence of prostatic carcinoma is more frequent than clinical one. The real prevalence of prostatic carcinoma, is prevalence combination of carcinomas which have been revealed clinically (They have been confirmed by autopsy or by operation) and the prostatic latent carcinomas are those, which are found in autopsy or randomly in the biopsies taken for hyperplasia. But they have no clinical syndromes. In order to review prevalence of prostatic latent carcinoma in Iran, all prostatic lesions (Including hyperplasia or carcinoma) were studied in Imam Khomeini medical complex during 10 years (1981-91), in university Jihad center and medical center of Iran within 2 years and in Yazd faculty of medicine within 3 years (1981-84). The total cases were 1110 among which 1085 cases were selected upon reviewing for statistical analysis. At first all lamellas were studied, then the ratio of adenocarcinoma to total prostatic lesions were analyzed and types of carcinoma and their percentage in total cases were identified. Finally the prostatic latent carcinoma and its percentage in total malignancy cases were presented


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