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Body friendly, safe and effective regimen of MgSO4 for eclampsia

Keywords: Eclampsia , Pritchard Regime , Low dose MgSO4

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Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia are major health problems in developing countries. MgSO4 is the standard drug in the control of convulsions in eclampsia. Our study carried out at PDVVPF’s hospital is based on the low dose regimen than Pritchard, which is suitable for Indian women who are of smaller built thanwomen in western world. This prospective study included 50 eclampsia patients receiving low dose MgSO4 therapy. The loading dose of MgSO4 was 9gm. Following this 2.5 gm was given intramuscularly every 6 hourly for 24 hours after administration of the loading dose. Patients were monitored hourly by observing their respiratory rate, knee jerk and urine output. Out of 50, two patients required Pritchard regimen, rest completely recovered from eclampsia. The maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality were comparable to those of the standard Pritchard regime. The study did not find a single case of magnesium related toxicity with low dose MgSO4 regime. Low dose magnesium sulphate regime was found to be safe and effective in eclampsia


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