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Histiocytic syndromes and a review of medical literatures

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Histiocytic syndromes have been studied and investigated in these recent years for their cell origin, morphology, pathology, histochemical, immuno-phenotype characteristic, and their nomenclature, but the results of all these studies are confusingly, vague and not acceptable for all scientists and pathologists. Histiocytes very in the morphology, duty and their immunological behaviour. In different lesion these cells are in the form of mononuclear, foamy cell, macrophages like plasma cell and giant cell with many nuclei. When considering malignant Histiocyte cells and benign reactive histiocytes are both present in malignant histiocytic lesion, one can recognize the diagnostic problems of the pathologist. Markers for recognizing histiocytes are numerous and are increasing rapidly, in spite of that monoclonal antibody investigation, and genetic molecular method, the results as yet are not satisfactory. We have to accept that the new method are not at all sufficient and we have to look for a better method which is more sensitive to histiocyte for diagnosis of numerous histiocytic syndromes. In this paper, we discuss the difficulties on encountered in the diagnosis, and problem in defining and nomenclature of these syndromes and, some efforts are made to present the most acceptable classification for them


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