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Keywords: dental plaque , AIR FLOW , professional clean ing , index , bacteria

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The aim of this study was to present the most effective and easiest ways to diagnoze dental plaque, and to distin‐ guish some modern and effective methods for its removal. Materials and method. The study was performed on 34 patients aged between 19‐42 years. For dental plaque detection, the (QHT) index in two different ‐ initial and final – stages, was used. For the removal of sub‐gingival and supra‐gingival soft and hard deposits, scaling was used, as well as AIR FLOW professional brushing for plauqe removal. Results and discussion. Evaluation of the QHT index showed the presence of of dental plaque 100% of cases. All patients were subjected to post‐treatment, the QHT index showing a 100% removal of plaque after AIR FLOW application, and a 86% one, respectively, after pro‐ fessional cleaning. Conclusions. Dental plaque diagnosis using colors solutions is one of the easiest and fastest ways to diagnose dental plaque, which favors its subsequent removal under premanent control. When using air flow, dental plaque removal approaches a 100% ratio.


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