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Keywords: Diplopoda , Polydesmidae , Propolydesmus , taxonomy , Canary Islands , Diplopoda , Polydesmidae , Propolydesmus , taxonomía , Islas Canarias

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The genus Propolydesmus Verhoeff, 1895 is redefined, with Hormobrachium Attems, 1940 considered as its subjective junior synonym (syn. n.!); it currently encompasses at least a dozen valid species ranging from Macaronesia in the west to Central Europe in the east. Two species of Propolydesmus are known from the Canary Islands: P. laevidentatus (Loksa, 1967) (=Polydesmus brincki Demange, 1970, syn. n.!), comb. n. ex Polydesmus, occurring in Madeira, the Azores and Tenerife, Canary Islands, and P. dismilus (Berlese, 1891), comb. n. ex Polydesmus, which is newly recorded from Macaronesia (Canary Islands, Tenerife). Gonopods of both these species are illustrated, and the range of variation in P. laevidentatus is shown to be considerable. Se redefine el género Propolydesmus Verhoeff, 1895 —considerando a Hormobrachium Attems, 1940 como un sinónimo junior subjetivo (syn. n.)— el cual comprende una docena de especies extendidas desde Macaronesia, al oeste, hasta Centroeuropa, al este. En las islas Canarias se conocen dos especies de Propolydesmus: P. laevidentatus (Loksa, 1967) (= Polydesmus brincki Demange, 1970, syn. n.), comb. n. ex Polydesmus, que vive en Madeira, Azores y Tenerife, y P. dismilus (Berlese, 1891), comb. n. ex Polydesmus, que se cita por primera vez en Macaronesia (islas Canarias: Tenerife). Se ilustran los gonopodos de ambas especies y se demuestra el considerable grado de variación de P. laevidentatus.


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