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The Effect of Fire Disasters to Fire Safety on Highrise Constuctions= Yang nlar n Yüksek Yap larda Yang n Güvenli i Geli imine Etkisi

Keywords: Yang n Güvenli i , Yüksek Yap lar , Yang n Korunumu

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The need for high-rise buildings is increasing everyday. This tendency brings out several problems. The qualities of high-rise buildings have to improve and give new possibilities to users. Protection against fire is crucial as the risk of vitality is higher in high-rise buildings. It can be observed that, while experiences of fire disasters effects the fire security measures the importance of fire security increases., In this article, the criteria of fire securitY measures in high-rise buildings are stressed and the relation between the experiences of fire and the fire security measures are, explained. Yüksek yap lara olan ihtiyac m z her ge en gün artmaktad r. Bu e ilim beraberinde e itli problemleri de getirmektedir. Yüksek yap lar n niteliklerinin geli mesi ve insanlara daha fazla olanaklar sunmas gerekmektedir. Yang na kar korunum ise yüksek yap larda ya amsal riskler daha fazla oldu u i in büyük neme sahiptir. Ya anan yang n tecrübelerinin yang n güvenli ini etkiledi i ve bu olaylar sonucunda yang n güvenli i ihtiya lar n n daha fazla artt g zlenmektedir. Yüksek yap lar i in nemli olan yang n güvenli i kriterleri vurguland ktan sonra ya anan olaylar ile yang n güvenli i ili kisi anlat lmaktad r.


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