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DOI: 10.9780/22315063

Keywords: Organizations , Organizational Climate , Organizational Culture , Stress , Organizational Role Stress

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Any organization operates in a society and fulfills many societal needs. The products and services of an organization are utilized by the people of the society. The climate prevailing in an organization is a major determinant of the quality of work life which in turn influences the quality of life. Climate, not conducive to effective working, tends to generate stress within the employees. Stress, as person's response to his environment, influences the normal style of working. Stress retards employee productivity and organizational productivity. Both work stress and role stress simultaneously smooth flow of work. A study of the climate and role stress was undertaken. This paper is based on a study of the organizational climate and role stress. The methodology encompasses statement of the problem, structuring the research questions, finalizing the site and sample, formulation of hypotheses, selection of statistical tests, applying statistical tools, interpretation the statistical results followed by recommendations.


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