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On The slant helices according to Bishop frame of the timelike curve in Lorentzian space

DOI: 10.5556/j.tkjm.39.2008.255-262

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T.Ikawa obtained the following differential equation $$D_{T}D_{T}D_{T}T-KD_{T}T,K=kappa ^{2}- au ^{2}$$ for the ci rcular helix which corresponds the case that the curvature $ kappa $ and torsion $ au $ of timelike curve $ alpha $ on the Lorentzian manifold $ M_{1} $ are constant [5]. In this paper, we have defined a slant helix according to Bishop frame of the timelike curve. Furthermore, we have given some necessary and sufficent conditions for the slant helix and T.Ikawa's result is generalized to the case of the general slant helix.


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