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Acrylamide and Its Presence in Foods

Keywords: Acrylamide , carcinogen , french fried potatoes , coffee

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Acrylamide is chemical matter which forms spontaneously as frying or cooking heat treatment enforced in foods. Though the said chemical is widely found in the fried or oven-cooked foods, it can also exist in the grilled foods prepared at homes or at large restaurants. However, no acrylamide has been found in the raw or boiled foods. Based on the studies made on acrylamide, and its observed biological effects, that chemical is suspected to be a human carcinogen. Neural destructions have been observed on the individuals who are exposed to this chemical. As yet, there isn t any direct evidence about carcinogenic effects of acrylamide for human. In conclusion, we can say that acrylamide creates a risk for human health only in the cases of long term exposure to it. [TAF Prev Med Bull. 2009; 8(2): 187-192]


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