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2-Amino-1-(2-carboxylatoethyl)pyrimidin-1-ium monohydrate

DOI: 10.1107/s1600536810045332

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In the title structure, C7H9N3O2·H2O, there are two formula units in the asymmetric unit. The molecule is a zwitterion, containing a quaternary N atom and a deprotonated carboxyl group, with C—O distances in the range 1.256 (2)–1.266 (3) . The two independent molecules form a hydrogen-bonded R22(16) dimer about an approximate inversion center via N—H...O hydrogen bonds, with N...O distances of 2.766 (2) and 2.888 (2) . O—H...O hydrogen bonds involving the water molecules and additional N—H...O hydrogen bonds link these dimers, forming double chains.


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