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Methyl 9-diethylamino-2,2-bis(4-methoxyphenyl)-2H-benzo[h]chromene-5-carboxylate

DOI: 10.1107/s160053681101049x

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In the title compound, C31H29NO5, the methyl carboxylate and dimethylamino groups on the naphthopyran group are almost coplanar with the naphthopyran ring system [r.m.s. deviations = 0.08 (2) and 0.161 (2) , respectively]. The dihedral angle between the methyl carboxylate and dimethylamino groups is 4.9 (1)°. The pyran ring has an envelope conformation with the quaternary C atom out of plane by 0.4739 (13) . The methoxyphenyl substituent forms a dihedral angle of 16.6 (1)° with the plane of the benzene ring, while the other methoxyphenyl group is almost coplanar, making a dihedral angle of 1.4 (1)°.


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