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Effect of explant type, medium and soil mixture content on Dianthus deltoides L. rooting and acclimatization

DOI: 10.2298/gsf1205117m

Keywords: micropropagation , acclimatization , in vitro rooting , Maiden pink

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The possibility of developing roots and shoots on Dianthus deltoides nodal and apical cuttings on rooting media was investigated in vitro conditions. The explants developed roots and shoots successfully, and the best results were achieved on MS medium without plant hormones. Number of roots per shoot, length of roots and ramification of roots were not significantly dependent on the medium (NAA-naphthaleneacetic acid concentration), or on the type of explant used (nodal or apical cuttings). The acclimatization rate of microplants was influenced by root numbers and ramification. The transfer to soil was successful, maximum survival rates (96%) were achieved on peat - sand (4:1) mixture.


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