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Benzyl (E)-3-(2-methylbenzylidene)dithiocarbazate

DOI: 10.1107/s1600536811033113

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The title compound, C16H16N2S2, was obtained from the condensation reaction of benzyl dithiocarbazate and 2-methylbenzaldehyde. The asymmetric unit contains two independent molecules. In both molecules, the methylphenyl ring and the dithiocarbazate fragment are located on opposite sides of the C=N bond, showing an E conformation. In each molecule, the dithiocarbazate fragment is approximately planar, the r.m.s deviations being 0.018 and 0.025 . The mean plane of dithiocarbazate group is oriented at dihedral angles of 7.9 (3) and 68.24 (12)°, respectively, to the methylphenyl and phenyl rings in one molecule, while the corresponding angles in the other molecule are 10.9 (3) and 69.76 (16)°. Intermolecular N—H...S hydrogen bonding occurs in the crystal structure to generate inversion dimers for both molecules.


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