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Inversion and Feedback Research on the Temperature Control and Crack Prevention for Concrete Crane Beam on Rock Wall

Keywords: inversion , genetic algorithm , feedback analysis , crane beam on rock wall , temperature field

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Concrete crane beam on a rock wall on a new structure used in underground building has become more common in recent year. But the concrete beam cracking problem always perplexes scientists and engineers. In order to solve this, the construction information inversion and feedback analysis method is applied. A beam section was taken as a prototype experiment. The temperature and construction data was collected to inverse some necessary thermal parameters. According to the characteristics of concrete temperature field, the basic accelerating genetic algorithm was improved. The improved accelerating genetic algorithm has the merits of high precision and fast calculation. With this algorithm, the calculation temperature and measured value are very close, which shows the method is efficiency. Then inversed parameters were applied in the feedback simulation. According to the simulation results, the proper temperature control method was suggested. By this way, the concrete temperature was controlled well and the beams appear no crack in recent two year. The successful application shows that the inversion and feedback analysis of concrete temperature field can reflect the factual performance of concrete and give important direction to engineering construction.


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