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Geologija  1994 

Geological peculiarities of the Pleistocene gravel and conglomerate deposits in the Upper Carniola, NW Slovenia

Keywords: gravel , conglomerate , deposit , Upper Carniola , NW Slovenia

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An old interglacial Sava river bed with cliff walls up to 40 m deep into the old Pleistocene conglomerate deposist was exposed by excavation of two big gravel pits in the Sora field and in the valley of Naklo in Upper Camiola. The canyon was cut during the last interglacial period and again refilled with gravel in the lastglacial period. Conglomerate walls of the canyon were well polished by large quantities of rapidly moving material originating from nearby situated terminal moraines still partly preserved close to the present-day town of Radovljica.This curious geological occurrence discovered by human activity deserves to be protected as an interesting evidence of natural forces in the past.


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