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Factors that affect the problem solving skills of preschool teacher candidates: academic achievement and types of anxiety

Keywords: Problem solving skills , academic achievement , trait anxiety , state anxiety , preschool teacher candidates

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This study aimed to investigate the effects of academic achievement and types of anxiety of the preschool teacher candidates on their problem solving skills. In this research academic achievements and anxiety types (trait and state anxiety) were taken as independent variables. The universe of the study is composed of the students attending Pre-school Education Department at Faculty of Vocational Education, Selcuk University. The sample was determined with random classification sampling method and is composed of 300 students. The research was carried out with survey model. The data of the research was collected by using personal information sheet, State and Trait Anxiety Inventory, The Problem Solving Inventory. As a criterion of academic success, students GPAs were used. The analysis of the data was done with Pearson Moments Multiplication Correlation Coefficient, t test, one-way anova, LSD test and Reggression Analyze. As the result of the research, it was found that there is significant difference between academic achievement and problem solving skills average points and class level and state anxiety average points It was determined that academic achievement and trait anxiety points predicted problem solving ability points. When t-test results about significance level of regression coefficient are examined, it is seen that the most important explanatory for problem solving skills is trait anxiety, then academic success.


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