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Trans-border (east Serbia/west Bulgaria) correlation of the morpho-tectonic structures

DOI: 10.2298/gabp1172021t

Keywords: east Serbia , west Bulgaria , morpho-tectonic structures , correlation , synonyms

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In the Bulgarian and Serbian geological literatures, many maps, both geological and tectonic, exist showing the structures, but limiting them nationally. There are very few publications correlating the structures from both sides of the border and they preserve the local Bulgarian or Serbian names. Our aim is to create a base for the unification of the names defining the major morpho-tectonic structures: the Moesian Platform, the Miro - Fore-Balkan Unit, the Pore -Stara Planina Unit, the Krayna Unit, the Getic - Srednogorie Unit, the Supra Getic - Kraishtide Zone, the Serbo-Macedonian - Thracian Massif and the Vardar Zone, showing their synonyms from the Bulgarian and Serbian sides.


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