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Interaction between cultures via art review: Understanding multiculturalism

Keywords: Visual Art Education , Visual Culture , Art Criticism , Cross-Cultural Interaction , Multicultural

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Today, modern societies have different expectations from education. An educated individual is expected to interact with different cultural groups and develop positive attitudes in those interactions. Art education- as known as a branch of cultural education- is aware of that responsibility. It evaluates the reviews towards works of art or visuals as a component that helps to understand culture in detail. At this point, how an individual comments on) are quite important. The purpose of the study is to emphasize the importance of examining works of art and evaluate their effects between cultures and on multi cultural education. The study was conducted at an elementary school in 2010-2011 education period. During three weeks practice, 12 students and a teacher had participated in the study. In this qualitative study data was gathered through articles that involves open ended questions and interview forms. The data was analyzed by using content analysis. At the end of the study, students have examined cultural life styles by using Works of art and have stated the differentiation capability of geographic factors climate, and religion in terms of cultural structure. Examining the art of different cultures has been considered as an important factor that has great contributions to their experience. Through these methods, they have questioned their cultural values in terms of understanding and interpreting. Experiences gained via artistic and cultural studies have been effective in terms of internalizing the topic.


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