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Geologija  2010 

Some cases of terrain unstability from the Dolenjska karst area

Keywords: landslide , rockfall , sinkhole collapse , carbonate rocks , Dolenjska karst , Dolenjsko-Notranjska horst , u emberk fault zone , Slovenia

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The paper presents some cases of terrain unstability from the Dolenjska karst area formed in the last yearsaround u emberk and Dolenjske Toplice. The Dolenjska karst has its own characteristic way of development. Themain features are thick soil top, mainly composed of clay, and high and strongly fluctuating water table. Presentedare a landslide, two rockfalls and a sinkhole collapse. A landslide nearby u emberk was initiated in soil top. Bothrockfalls appeared in tectonically highly disturbed carbonate rocks along the u emberk fault. The sinkhole collapsein the area around Dolenjske Toplice developed in tectonically damaged rocks inside the Dolenjska - Notranjskahorst and during a period of heavy rain.


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