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Internet Rumors and Intercultural Ethics--A Case Study of Panic-stricken Rush for Salt in China and Iodine Pill in America After Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

DOI: 10.3968/j.sll.1923156320120402.2018

Keywords: Intercultural ethics , Intercultural communication , Intercultural literacy , Internet Rumor

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Internet is a channel of intercultural communication and also a communicative platform. At the same time, Internet rumor always causes serious damage and influences intercultural communication for different people from different countries. The author takes the cases “panicstricken rush for salt in China and iodine pill in America after Japanese Earthquakes and tsunami for example and analyses the causes of the Internet rumors, and discusses that some basic concepts of intercultural ethnics, so as to protect people from different rumors and to keeps a good channel of intercultural communication on Internet. The research indicates that it is important requirements for different people with different cultural background should have intercultural ethics during their communicating with the other people on Internet, and also basic condition for people to get rid of Internet rumors. Key words: Intercultural ethics; Intercultural communication; Intercultural literacy; Internet Rumor


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