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Dichlorido{N-[2-(diphenylphosphanyl)benzylidene]-2-(thiophen-2-yl)ethanamine-κ2P,N}platinum(II) dichloromethane hemisolvate

DOI: 10.1107/s1600536811056108

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The crystal structure of the title compound, [PtCl2(C25H22NPS)]·0.5CH2Cl2, was determined to establish the coordination properties of the (phosphanyl)benzylidene–methanamine ligand to platinum. In the unit cell two molecules of cis-[PtCl2(C25H22NPS)] are accompanied by a dichloromethane solvent molecule. The square-planar Pt2+ coordination sphere is slightly distorted with the bidentate ligand coordinated via the P and the amine N atoms, and the Cl atoms located cis at the two remaining coordination sites. Parts of the thiophene ring and the solvate molecule were modeled as disordered with occupancy ratios of 0.55 (2):0.45 (2) and 0.302 (10):0.198 (10), respectively. Weak C—H...Cl interactions stabilize the crystal packing.


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