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Nutritional Requirements of Pleurotus florida (Mont.) Singer, A Nigerian Mushroom

Keywords: Macro nutrients , micro nutrients , mycelial growth , Pleurotus florida , vitamins , phytohormones

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The requirements for mycelial growth of Pleurotus florida, a Nigerian edible mushroom was carried out. The carbon nitrogen ratio of 5:1 was found to be the most suitable for the vegetative growth followed by 4:1 ratio and the least was 1:5. The most suitable vitamin for the mycelial growth was thiamine followed by pyridoxine while the least was cobalamine. With regard to phytohormones, gibberellic acid was found to be the best for the mycelial growth followed by indole acetic acid (IAA) while the poorest was 2, 4 dichlorophenoxy acetic acid. Calcium was found to be the best required macro nutrient while zinc was the best micronutrient. The implication of these results was discussed.


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