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Kako do u inkovitosti in kvalitete prestrukturiranja slovenskega pode elja : How to Ensure Efficiency and Quality in the Restructuring of Slovene Countryside

Keywords: regulacijski na rti kulturnih krajin , pode elje , strokovne podlage , planiranje , revitalizacija , Regulation Plans for Cultural Landscapes , countryside , less developed regions , expert foundations , planning , revitalisation

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The paper sets out the need for professional administrative decision-making on various EU comparable actions for Slovenia’s countryside, prioritising less developed, difficult accessible areas, where the population is stagnating or falling. The opportunity to put this into practice comes from a new type of expert material for project work in rural areas in the regional hinterlands of towns with the working title of “Regulation Plans for Cultural Landscapes” (RN kk). The Regulation Plans for Cultural Landscapes are developed according to criteria based on an “overall approach for overall development”. The documents function as planning and regulating documents, filling a gap that exists in the expert field between the established approach to town planning (regulatory town plans) and similar approaches to forest management. The preparation of RN kk documents has been tested in practice.


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