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Integrated Control of Root-Knot Nematodes, Meloidogyne spp. Infecting Sunflower and Tomato

Keywords: Integrated control , biological control , castor , nematicide , root-knot nematode

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Castor ( Ricinus communis), the nematode - trapping fungus, A. oligospora and oxamyl were evaluated alone as well as in combination on Meloidogyne spp. infecting sunflower and tomato under greenhouse conditions. Results indicated that application of castor alone or in concomitant with A. oligospora or /and oxamyl gave better enhancement in various growth parameters such as fresh shoot length and weight whether in tomato or sunflower. Root galling was significantly suppressed in all treatments as compared with untreated plants. In sunflower, pre-planting application with castor + oxamyl gave the best results , recording a gall index of 3.50 with the highest percentage of increase in total plant fresh weight ( 81.9) . However, castor alone or integrated application of castor + A. oligospora + oxamyl or A. oligospora + oxamyl to the soil gave the best results in terms of suppression of galls and increased tomato plant growth. These results indicate that oxamyl as nematicide had no adverse effect on the predaceous activity of A. oligospora, In addition dried leaves of castor play an important role in promoting plant growth as well enhancing microorganisms in soil.


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