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A Quantitative Survey of Air-borne Fungal Spores from Schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Keywords: Fungal spores , air-born , schools , mycoflora , environments

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The air-borne fungal flora inhabiting school environments at different places in Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia were screened. A total of 36 fungal species belonging to 6 genera were isolated from the air of schools at different places in Riyadh, while a total number of 68 fungal species belonging to 21 genera were isolated from the schools dust. The highest number of fungal species was found in the secondary stage followed by intermediate stage. The primary stage, which had a less populated classroom, recorded the lowest number of fungal species. The commonest genera of fungi isolated were Aspergillus and Penicillium. All the localities, the highest number of fungal colonies were obtained from schools in the south location of Riyadh city followed by schools in the central area.


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