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Response of Maize (Zea mays L.) to NP Fertilization under Agro-climatic Conditions of Rawalakot Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Keywords: Azad Jammu and Kashmir , fertilization , nitrogen , maize , phosphorus

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Maize (Zea mays L.) yield in rainfed areas is generally low due to scanty rainfall and continuous depletion of nutrients from the soil. In Rawalakot, soils are generally deficient in nitrogen and phosphorus, therefore addition of N and P through fertilizers become inevitable for obtaining maximum yield. A field experiment was conducted to explore the response of maize to NP fertilization in terms of growth and yield. In the plots where N alone or NP together were applied, all the growth parameters i.e. height of the plant, number of leaves per plant, leaf area, fresh weight and dry weight increased significantly relative to control plots without fertilizer. The dry matter yield in control was 2933-kg ha 1, which, increased to 11667 kg ha 1 when 120 kg N and 90 kg of P2O5 were applied. The difference between N alone or NP together was statistically non-significant. Yield components increased significantly when N alone or NP together was applied. The grain yield was increased from 1350 kg ha 1 in the control to 4200-4583-kg ha 1 in the treatments where either N or NP together was applied. A maximum of 4583 kg of grain ha 1 was obtained in the treatment where 120 kg N and 90 kg P2O5 ha 1 was applied. In the present investigation, a 4 to 5 fold increase in the yield of maize by the application of N and P proves that N & P fertilization substantially enhanced the per acre yield of maize under agro-climatic conditions of Rawalakot Azad Jammu &Kashmir.


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