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Effect of Water Deprivation on the Elimination of Diminazene Aceturate from Blood and Edible Tissues of Goats

Keywords: Water deprivation , goats , diminazene , elimination , goats

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The tissue distribution and serum kinetics profile of diminazene aceturate was investigated in non-water deprived and water deprived goats. Water deprivation was observed to increase significantly (P<0.05) the elimination half-life (t ), distribution half-life (t α), area under the curve (AUC) and volume of distribution (Vd ), and decreased the total body clearance (CL), elimination rate constant (β) and distribution rate constant (α). The drug was distributed to various organs and tissues of the body with the highest concentrations occurring in liver and kidney. Lower concentration of the drug in tissues and organs of water deprived goats at 2 days post injection when compared with those of non-water deprived goat may be due to decreased delivery of the drug to the organs and tissues while the higher concentration noticed in the tissues of water deprived animals later (15 days post treatment) could be due to decreased clearance of the drug from the organs and tissues. Drug residues were still detectable in the tissues of the goats 15 days after drug administration.


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