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Analysis of Wheat Genotypes for Yield Stability in Rainfed Environments

Keywords: Bread wheat , genotypes , stability , rainfed environments

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Nine genotypes of wheat developed for rainfed areas of Pakistan viz., DN-18, NRL-9822, NR-200, V-99166, 98C013, V-3, PR-72, NR-181 and SN-7 were evaluated for stability of grain yield under seventeen diverse rainfed environments. The interaction between the genotypes and environments (G X E interaction) was used as an index to determine the yield stability of genotypes under all the environments during 2001-02. Both predictable (linear) and unpredictable (non-linear) portions of variation were found to be significant indicating equal importance in determining the stability of grain yield. The genotype V-99166 was the most adapted showing considerable good performance in the entire set of environments under study.


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