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Different Intercrop Arrangements with Lentil and Barley under Dryland Condition

Keywords: Broadcast , mixing cropping , barley , lentil , LER

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This study was carried out to evaluate the performance of different intercrop arrangements with lentil and barley crops under dryland condition. This experiment was conducted in field conditions in Van, eastern of Turkey (38°-55`N, 2°-05`E, 725 m above sea level) in 2004-2005 in winter growing seasons. In this study, all intercrop arrangements affected on yield and yield components of barley and lentil significantly. Intercrop arrangements reduces all yield components except plant height of lentil. In barley, all intercrop arrangements increased plant height. Separately, mixing intercrop arrangement reduced number of seed per spike and seed weight per spike of barley compared to sole barley. Row cropping arrangement increased number of seed per spike and seed weight per spike of barley. The highest land equivalent ratio for straw was determined by 100% barley + 60% lentil and 100% barley + 40% lentil mixtures with 1.34 and 1.29, respectively. The highest LER for seed was obtained 100% barley + 20% lentil mixtures as 1.20 LER.


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