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Palynomorphology of Some Species of Indigofera L.

Keywords: Indigofera , pollen , Leguminosae-Papilionoideae , morphology , systematics

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Palynomorphology of eight species of Indigofera of the tribe Galegeae from Nigeria was investigated with the aid of light microscope. Results from this investigation revealed that these plants were characterised by different pollen grains whose structure differ markedly. The variations in the grains were so obvious that they could be added to other taxonomic information and used in an attempt to determine the relevance of palynomorphology in resolving the confusion in the nomenclature of these taxa. The monoporate, tricolpate and polyporate pollen grain aperture of the eight species of Indigofera are being documented for the first time in these taxa. Similarly the pollen grain shape: circular (round) in I. paniculata, I. stenophylla, I. tinctoria and I. senegalensis, elliptic in I. hirsuta and oval in I. terminalis I. pulchra and I. prieureana are equally distinct and significant in the characterization of these taxa.


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