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Prediction of seed-yield potential of common bean populations

Keywords: choice of parents , heritability , mean components , common bean , Phaseolus vulgaris L.

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Earliest possible prediction of seed-yield potential of autogamous crop populations increases breeding program efficiency by saving time and resources. Alternatives for obtaining seed-yield predictions were compared by evaluating four common-bean populations in F1 and F2 generations together with the parents. Mean components (m + a' and d) and variances were estimated. The potential of each population was predicted by using both these and the Jinks and Pooni (1976) procedure, which allows probability estimation of each population of originating lines surpassing a determined standard. Estimate efficiency was determined by evaluating performances of 62 F5:7 families from each population. Mean component m + a' estimates obtained for the F1 and F2 generations proved efficient in predicting seed yield of F7 generation lines as did d for estimate variance among F7 generation families. In addition, the Jinks and Pooni (1976) procedure proved efficient in early prediction of common bean population genetic potentials, especially when using the m + a' estimate.


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