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An Investigation of ANN based PID Controllers using Three- Area Load Frequency Control in Interconnected Power System

Keywords: Power system , Neural network , Back propagation algorithm , PI , PID and ANN -PID controllers

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The LFC problem, which is the major requirement in parallel operation of several interconnected systems, is one of very important subjects in power system studies. In this study, the power systems with threeareas connected through tie-lines are considered. The perturbation of frequencies at the areas and resulting tieline power flows arise due to unpredictable load variations that cause mismatch between the generated and demanded powers. The objective of LFC is to minimize the transient deviations and to provide zero steady state errors of these variables in a very short time. Variation in load frequency is an index for normal operation of power systems. When load Perturbation takes place anywhere in any area of the system, it will affect the frequency at other areas also. To control load frequency of power systems various controllers are used in different areas, but due to non-linearity's in the system components and alternators, these controllers cannot control the frequency quickly and efficiently. The simple neural networks can alleviate this difficulty. This paper deals with various controllers like proportional integral (PI), Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) andANN (Artificial neural network) tuned PID controller for three area load frequency control.The performance of the PID type controller with fixed gain, Conventional integral controller (PI) and ANN based PID (ANN-PID) controller have been compared through MATLAB Simulation results. Comparison of performance responses of integral controller & PID controller show that the ANN- PID controller has quite satisfactory generalization capability, feasibility and reliability, as well as accuracy in three area system. The qualitative and quantitative comparison have been carried out for Integral,PID and ANN- PID controllers. The superiority of the performance of ANN over integral and PID controller is highlighted.


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