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Probabilistic Analysis of an Automatic Power Factor Controller with variation in Power Factor

Keywords: Automatic Power Factor Controller (APFC) system , controlled/uncontrolled power factor , measures of system effectiveness , regenerative point technique.

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In the present study, the probabilistic analysis of an automatic power factor controller (APFC) system working in industry/factory is investigated. The power factor correction of electrical loads and energy losses due to poor power factor are the problems common to all industrial companies. Therefore, the study of APFC unit is of greatimportance. Initially, the system is operative with controlled power factor. Then it may transit to state with power factor not controlled. On the failure of the system, an inspection is carried out to detect the type of failure. The system may fail due to Fuse blown off, Transformer burnt, Programming problem, Output relay faulty. In case of the first two types of failure the components are replaced and corrected; while in last two types of failures the problem is repaired and corrected. The system remains in up state with power factor controlled and power factor not controlled. The system is analyzed by making use of regenerative point technique. The various measures of system effectiveness are obtained including the profit incurred to the system. Graphs have been plotted to depict the behavior of the profit with respect to revenue/loss per unit up time when power factor controlled and when power factor not controlled, cost per unit replacement.


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