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Research on preserving User Confidentiality in Cloud Computing – Design of a Confidentiality Framework

Keywords: Cloud Computing , Confidentiality , Security , Framework.

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Cloud Computing creates a dynamicresource sharing platform that provides dataanalytically to the proficient users who are atdemand to access data present in the cloud. Asthis data is stored outside the data owner's boundaries, they are skeptical for utilizingcloud technology in order to store or accesstheir data from those external cloudproviders who are outside their own controlenvironment. There are many issues for theseactive clients (companies or individuals) to bepetrified at the thought of using cloudcomputing paradigm. Some of the main issuesthat make the clients swear against Cloud Computing are generated from threeimportant security aspects: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.In this Research, we focused only on securitymodels that relate Confidentiality issues. We performed a literature Review foranalyzing the existing confidentialityframeworks and security models. We thendesigned a new theoretical framework forconfidentiality in Cloud computing byextracting this literature. We expect this Framework when implemented practically inthe cloud computing paradigm, may generatehuge successful results that motivate the clients to transform their businesses on to Cloud.


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