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Biodiversitas  2012 

Vegetative characteristics of Avicennia marina on the artificial inlet

Keywords: Avicennia marina , establishment , artificial inlet , Bushehr

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The purpose of this project is attempt to ecological development of Avicennia marina in hyper saline condition. During 2001 and 2002 a restoration mangrove project " planting A. marina in artificial inlet in Bushehr Province, Iran" was carried out in Agriculture &Natural resources research center of Bushehr province in Sabkha lands. Some the vegetative characteristics of such as height, diameter and crown diameter in two aspects were recorded in 2012. To investigate physico-chemical properties of soil were taken in inside and outside of inlet and were analyzed: salinity, soil acidity, potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, texture of soil were measured. Both of treatments were analyzed by T test in SAS Software. The result showed that a different significant between inside and outside of Inlet in soil acidity, electrical conductivity, potassium content and sand and clay percent. But were not different significant in N and P. After ten years halophyte plants such as: Salicornia herbacea and Halocnemum strobilaceum and animals such as: mudskippers were observed into this area. Site conditions have an influence on the growth of seedling, which shows a different growth in the outside and inside of artificial inlets.


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