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Application of Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Sebha University in Student Affairs Unit

Keywords: CSCW , current work flow , new work flow , Sebha University , automated system.

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Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) isthe study of how people use technology, with relation to hardwareand software, to work together in shared time and space. Thenature of computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW) is tofacilitate work using technology in such a way that supportshuman interaction in cooperative work situations. This study wasconducted in order to investigate on application of CSCW inSebha University, in particular, in students’ affairs unit. Theproposed application system would be the tools that will facilitateand automate workflow in this organization. This study was alsoproposed an outline policy for the organization based on the useof the automated system. For this study, the researcher designeda survey and distributed organization to 40 employees of thisorganization. Besides that, since the study is about currentworkflow, an observation was conducted to see how process isdone. Findings revealed that most of the participants repliedpositively that they are seriously in need to use up-to dateautomated technology to ease their interaction in that unit


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