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The Intellectual life of Shah Ismail 1 and his Care, Love, Respect Towards his Mother Tongue (Turkish) (907-930A.H/1487-1524)

Keywords: Intellectual life , Shahlsmail1 , Care and Respect , Poetical works , Turkish language.

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Turkmens and the back-bone of the king s power and army, showed a great respect and concerns towards the Turkish language and Its related literature.Along with the progress of Turkificalion of the Safavid court and army in the beginning, the Turkish language, because of the strength behind it gained prestige and influence ewer the Persian language.Besides, at the same period the acute influence of Turkish language on Persian society reached such a level that countless Persian literary men left the country and for the better life went to India and the Ottoman Empire. For this reasons and so on the contemporary historians believe that the Persian language arid literature had its high decline and “at any rate no doubt that during the Safavid period literature and poetry in Persia had sunk to a very low ebb and that not one single poet; of the first rank on be rekond as representing this epoch.”In this paper the writer has in mind to shed light on Shah Ismail s care love, respect and poetical works and show his ability in composing works as Gazal, Qasideh and quatrains.


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