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Analytical methodology of Seismic Fragility Curve for Reinforcement Concrete Pier Bridges in Egypt

Keywords: Analytical methodology , Fragility curve , Egypt , RC bridges , Seismic analysis.

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A seismic vulnerability evaluation method based onstructural analysis for RC bridges with simple pier bents isproposed in the paper. The proposed method is based on thehypothesis of the flexible pier-rigid deck behavior of the structuresubjected to transversal seismic loads. A flexible pier-rigid decksimplified model was therefore developed. This model has beenchosen after verifying the correlation between the responses of theproposed model and of the real structure which was presented byEgyptian General Authority of Roads and Bridges. The damageproduced by the earthquake load is centered on the piers of thebridge, while the dynamic study of the deck can be performed afterthe structural analysis of the piers in an uncoupled way. Themaximum damage of the piers under seismic actions is theprincipal aim of the proposed structural evaluation methodology.A damage index is used for this purpose, which describes the stateof the material at each point of the structure. The study success topresent the fragility curves which show that the peak groundacceleration for 50% probability of exceeding slight, moderate andsever damage ranges from approximately 0.15 to 0.4 g for thistypical and repeated RC bridge in Egypt.


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