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Comparative Study: The Nonaka Model of Knowledge Management

Keywords: Knowledge Management , Nonaka’s Model , knowledge codifying , SECI model

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— Knowledge Management went through a major transitionfrom straightforward models which focused on the dichotomy of tacit andexplicit knowledge to sophisticated frameworks which included specificprocesses. In this paper we outline the emergence of knowledgemanagement as a distinct academic discipline to locate Nonaka’s work.Our immediate objective is to provide a comprehensive comparison of themost noteworthy discussions and criticism of the Nonaka model forKnowledge Management before and after the year 2000. Finally, we closeby considering a series of key examples of the Nonaka model as deployedin industry.Up to the year 2000 or thereabouts, it was augured the model wasrather simplistic and the desire to codify everything was not possible.Much of the critique of Nonaka following 2000 focused on the seemingsubjectiveness of his vision of knowledge and the inadequacy of the SECIstructure in a time of radically different communication technologies[5][6][11]. Finally, we show that most of published case studies on theidea of converting tacit knowledge to explicit in the ICT sector are out ofdate[1][3].We conclude that knowledge management, conversion, and codifyingrequires further research and development to take in consideration thetacit origins of knowledge and the rapidly changing methods ofcommunication.


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