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Semantic Web Mining of Un-structured Data: Challenges and Opportunities

Keywords: Semantic Web , Web Mining , Unstructured Data

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The management of unstructured data is acknowledged as one of the most critical unsolvedproblems in data management and business intelligence fields in current times. The major reasonfor this unresolved problem is primarily because of the actuality that the methods, systems andrelated tools that have established themselves so successfully converting structured informationinto business intelligence, simply are ineffective when we try to implement the same onunstructured information. New methods and approaches are very much necessary. It is a knownrealism that huge amount of information is shared by the organizations across the world over theweb. It is, however, significant to observe that this information explosion across the globe hasresulted in opening a lot of new avenues to create tools for data management and businessintelligence primarily focusing on unstructured data. In this paper, we explore the challengesbeing faced by information system developers during mining of unstructured data in the context ofsemantic web and web mining. Opportunities in the wake of these challenges are discussedtowards the end of the paper.


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