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Effect of oil palm kernel meal on yield of Hed Hu Hnu (Auricularia polytricha (Mont.) Sacc.) and Hed Khon Khao (Lentinus squarrosulus Mont.)

Keywords: oil palm kernel meal , cultivation Auricularia , Lentinus

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Hed Hu Hnu (Auricularia polytricha) and Hed Khon Khao (Lentinus squarrosulus) were cultivated on pararubber sawdust supplemented with oil palm kernel meal at different concentrations. Number of days for full colonization of the mycelia, number of days from expossure to 1st cropping time, and yield on oil palm kernel meal were compared to those supplemented with 5% rice bran. Depending on the results it was suggested that 5% and 15% of oil palm kernel meal was suitable for Hed Hu Hnu and Hed Khon Khao, respectively. Yield of A. polytricha on 950 g of sawdust + 5% oil palm kernel meal + 1% Ca(OH)2 was 380.58 g/bag (B.E. = 114.5%), during 90 days of harvesting time. L. squarrosulus needs more than 5% of oil palm kernel meal to support the higher yield. Cultivation of L. squarrosulus on 950 g of sawdust + 15% oil palm kernel meal + 1% Ca(OH)2 yielded 123.72 g/bag of basidiocarps (B.E = 37.2%), during 60 days of harvesting time.


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