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Slaveno-Serbian language: Between simplicity and perfection

DOI: 10.2298/jfi1066255i

Keywords: nema

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In the studies on Slaveno-Serbian period of the history of Serbian literary language one discrepancy is examined. The latter refers to the key role of the aforementioned period for the integration of Serbian society to the values of rationalism and Enlightment and the imposed negative stereotypes of Slaveno Serbian written praxis as deprived of norm and codification respectively. As long as this hybrid type of literary language derives under the predominant influence of extra linguistic factors, it cannot be investigated neither from the perspective of contemporary views on unification and stability of literary norm, nor by implementing methods of historical dialectology and historical grammar. In the recent paper the regulating role of stylistic conventions of the period in question in using language elements of different origin is emphasized. Then, the necessity of examining discoursively determined selective position of the writers on language and literature development as well as on sociocultural processes in Serbian society are outlined.


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