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Improving Packet Delivery Ratio In TCP Using New Reno Scheme

Keywords: Few , On demand Routing , Robust , Throughput

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In today’s Internet, several variants of TCP are deployed. These variants differ with respect to their congestion control and segment loss recovery techniques. There are schemes like TCP Reno, TCP NewReno to overcome the congestion problem. On-demand ad hoc routing protocols respond to network events such as channel noise, mobility, and congestion in the same manner, which, in association with TCP, deteriorates the quality of an existing end-to-end connection. The poor end-to-end connectivity deteriorates TCP’s performance in turn. So, to address these problems, two complementary mechanisms are proposed, that is, the TCP fractional window increment (FeW) scheme and the Route-failure nOtification using BUlk-losS Trigger (ROBUST) policy. These two mechanisms result in a significant improvement of TCP throughput without modifying the basic TCP window or the wireless MAC mechanisms.


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