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First record of Promyialges uncus (Vitzthum, 1934) in Slovakia (Acarina: Epidermoptidae) with new host record

Keywords: Astigmata , feather mites , lousefly , phoresy , Turdus merula

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In this paper the feather mite Promyialges uncus (Vitzthum, 1934) is recorded for the first time in Slovakia.Specimens were found on nestlings of Turdus merula Linnaeus, 1758 and in nests with nestlings of Hirundo rustica Linnaeus,1758, where mite specimens were observed on the wings of lousefly Ornithomya avicularia Linnaeus, 1758. Description of themite positioning on louseflies and number of eggs laid supported by drawings are given. Samples collected on nestlings of T.merula as hosts are recorded for the first time. We also confirm that louseflies are successful vectors of feather mites amongbirds.


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