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Three new bisexual species of Labronema Thorne, 1939 (Nematoda: Qudsianematidae)

Keywords: Nematoda , Ecuador , Sri Lanca , Taiwan , new species

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Three new species of the genus Labronema Thorne, 1939 are described on the basis of both female and malespecimens. Labronema aequatoriale sp. n. from Ecuador is characterized by the body length on average 2.77 (female) and 2.46(male) mm, odontostyle as long as labial width, very long cardia, long rectum, short prerectum and supplements 21–23.Labronema singhalese sp. n. from Sri Lanka is differentiated by 3 mm long body, odontostyle longer than labial diameter, shortfemale and long male prerectum, long eggs and supplements 20 in number. Labronema orientale sp. n. from Taiwan ischaracterized by a body length on average 2.52 (female) and 2.65 (male) mm, lip region offset, odontostyle longer than labialwidth, long rectum, short prerectum and 24–27 supplements. The taxonomic positions of Labronema species described after1989-90 are commented.


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