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A new species of Aleurodamaeus from Ethiopia, with remarks on the taxonomic status of Aleurodamaeus (Trichodamaeus) Mahunka, 1984 (Acari: Oribatida: Aleurodamaeidae)

Keywords: Oribatid mites , new species , Aleurodamaeus , taxonomic status , Aleurodamaeus (Trichodamaeus) , synonym

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A new oribatid mite species, Aleurodamaeus recenfesevpi sp. nov., is described from moss and litter of the Ethiopian Cholomu forest. This species is similar to A. australis Woas, 1992 from South Africa in having long notogastral setae and the absence of scalps. However, it can be clearly distinguished from the latter by body size, specific cerotegumental ornamentation on the notogaster and epimeral setal formula. The subgenus Aleurodamaeus (Trichodamaeus) Mahunka, 1984 isrecognized as a junior synonym of the genus Aleurodamaeus.


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