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Unraveling some Kinki worms (Annelida: Oligochaeta: Megadrili: Moniligastridae) - Part I

Keywords: Moniligastridae , Drawida , Japan , New species , COI sequence

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. A new species, Drawida eda Blakemore, is proposed for an earthworm from rice paddy near Lake Biwa in centralJapan. It is compared with both Drawida barwelli (Beddard, 1886) – the cosmopolitan type of the genus – and with sympatric D.japonica (Michaelsen, 1892) for which a new synonym, D. propatula Gates, 1935, is added. Parasitic origin theory of diagnostic‘genital markings’ in D. japonica is extended to other taxa and their conspecificity is mooted. Definitive resolution of thetaxonomic complexities within Drawida via DNA analysis is pending, although the COI barcode for the type of D. eda is initiallyprovided, the first time for a new earthworm species. Polygiceriate similarity of Oriental ‘exquisiticlitellate’ Drawida tomegascolecid genera like Nexogaster Blakemore, 1997 (type Nexogaster sexies Blakemore, 1997) is briefly noted. Using thisopportunity, replacement names are given for two preoccupied Tasmanian Lake Pedder taxa as a normal part of taxonomic‘housekeeping’, viz. Anisogogaster for Anisogaster Blakemore, 2000 (non Deyrolle, 1862, nec Looss, 1901) and Perionchellavariegogata for Perionchella variegata Blakemore, 2000 (non Michaelsen, 1907)


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