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Hibernian reports of a new Franco-Iberian worm (Oligochaeta: Megadrilacea: Lumbricidae)

Keywords: Alien exotic earthworms , new species , Ireland , Europe , Mediterranean , DNA barcode

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A continental European earthworm, Kenleenus armadas sp. nov., is newly described from an introduction to a farm in Dublin, Ireland. Previously recognized as Aquitainian Prosellodrilus amplisetosus Bouché, 1972, the morphology and molecular characteristics rather indicate it as a taxon new to science. Its description has required revision of all prosellodrilid genera including Algerian subgenus Maghrebiella Baha & Bera, 2001 that is a permanently invalid homonym, here replaced with Cadanera nom. nov. A revised checklist is appended that holds Allolobophora festae Rosa, 1892 as a species incertae sedis pending review of the Cadanera type. This report brings the total earthworms known from Britain & Ireland to 72 species, including a new record of cosmopolitan Pithemera bicincta (Perrier, 1875) (Megascolecidae) from Dublin’s Botanic Gardens


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