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Megaphyllum silvaticum (Verhoeff, 1898) (Diplopoda: Julida), a new species to the Hungarian millipede fauna, with notes on the status of M. s. discolor (Verhoeff, 1907) and on their relationship to M. projectum Verhoeff, 1894

Keywords: Diplopoda , Julida , Megaphyllum sylvaticum , New record , Hungary

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The species Megaphyllum silvaticum (Verhoeff, 1898) was found in the Aggtelek National Park, northeasternHungary, as new to the millipede fauna of the country. A short review on the male and female genital morphology anddistribution of M. silvaticum, M. s. discolor (Verhoeff, 1907) and M. projectum Verhoeff, 1894 is given. According to ourobservation the subspecies discolor should be regarded only a variation with no taxonomical value. Although the male gonopodsof M. silvaticum and M. projectum are really close to each other, the different female vulvae, observed and illustrated here for thefirst time, justify their separate specific status.


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